Diamond Beach Nusa Penida | Helpful Facts In A Complete 2020 Guide

Bridget Beguin

December 14, 2020

Diamond Beach is the epitome of unexploited paradise. Without a clear way down, its beauty was always admired from afar. But, in December 2018, this all changed.

Dramatically high cliffs surround the beach, sheltering it from any wind. Sea-shells decorate the pure white sand that leads off into sparkling turquoise water. You’re able to admire all this beauty from some shady spots, cast from nearby shallow caves. 

The beach is not the only impressive site- the stairs carved into the side of the cliff are extra-ordinary.

Diamond Beach is beautiful and one of our favorite places on Nusa Penida, Bali.

1. Where Is Diamond Beach, Bali?

This paradise beach is on the eastern point of Nusa Penida island.

Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach are next to one another and separated by a cliff sporting steep stairs.

According to google maps, Atuh Beach and Diamond Beach are 28 minutes (12.6km’s) apart from one another. BUT if You arrive at the Diamond Beach Parking Lot, you’ll be able to see both locations at the same time without driving anywhere else.  

Not far from these two beaches is the iconic Rumah Pohon Tree House. You will be able to visit all three locations on the same day.

2. How Do You Get To Diamond Beach, Bali?

If you’re not staying on Nusa Penida island, you can visit from Bali on day trips. From Sanur Beach, Bali, you can ride in public boats to Penida island. It costs around 40,000 IDR and takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can organize a round-trip with a private tour company from Bali. The tour includes pick-up from your accommodation and boat rides to and from Nusa Penida island. 12 Go Asia is a brilliant travel planning site, offering multiple ways to Penida island from Bali.


You can rent a scooter on arrival to Nusa Penida Island at the Toya Pakeh harbor. You can also arrange scooter rental through your accommodation in Bali beforehand.

Almost every local on Nusa Penida island offers scooter rental- or can arrange with someone that does.

It’s a one-hour journey from Toya Pakeh harbor on Nusa Penida island to Diamond Beach.

For the most part, the road leading up to the beach is in good condition, but the last 1.5km stretch will test your driving skills. The bad stretch of road has potholes, loose gravel, and sharp rocks.

If you’re not a confident scooter driver instead hire a private driver for the day (the cost is around 50 USD/day)

3. Entrance Fee And Other Costs

  • Parking is 5,000 IDR
  • There’s a small entrance fee of 10,000 IDR per person

This fee is payable to the parking lot attendant sitting in his booth at the top of the iconic stairs leading down to the Beach.

This is the last spot to buy cold water from, before starting the journey down.

  • The Bali swing experience at the bottom of the stairs is about 200,000 IDR/person
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida Swing

4. Best Time To Go To Diamond Beach

The best time of year to visit Bali, Nusa Penida, and Diamond Beach would be from March till October (Balis’ dry season).

The best time of day to reach Dimond Beach is in the morning around sunrise. If that’s too early for you, aim for before noon at least.

After such time the day visitors arrive, and soon the area you’re in is flooded with Instagrammers, droners, YouTubers, and happy snappers.

If you arrive late, expect to find a long line of stationary people on the cliffs stairs as everyone tries to get that perfect shot.

Keep in mind, you’ll want to avoid climbing up and down hundreds of stairs in the midday heat so going earlier or staying for sunset would be best.

Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

5. What To Expect On Your Way Down

When going down the stairs, be careful not to slip on any loose gravel and hold on to the rail. We suggest wearing proper non-slip shoes.

If you have a fear of heights, there are one or two spots that will make you really uncomfortable.

If you like living on the edge check out our post dedicated to Bali’s hard to reach beaches, where you’ll find more grueling staircases on cliff edges. 

After completing the descend, a small warung sells cold drinks, snacks, local dishes, and a Bali swing experience. Just passed this warung is one last hurdle, a rope-assisted climb down a high rock.

Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

6. Is Diamond Beach Worth The Mission?

Definitely yes!! Your reward at the bottom is breathtaking and well worth all the steps to get there.

With sea-shell decorated white sand surrounding crystal clear turquoise waters, shallow caves, and dramatically high cliffs, what more could you ask for?

Unlike other beaches on Nusa (Atuh, Crystal), shady spots exist here under small caves at the foot of the cliffs. Be one of the first to grab a cool place for the day.

Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

7. Can You Swim At Diamond Beach, Bali?

Swimming in the sea at this beach is not ideal with crashing waves and a strong current drawing you towards the rocks.

It’s easier to cool off at high tide or swim past the breakers into the calmer but deep waters. Alternatively, wait for low tide and dip off in the shallow rock pool (only one is available).

Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

8. Where To Eat Near Diamond Beach

There aren’t a whole lot of restaurants near Diamond Beach.

The Sorent Warung

The closest and most decent option would be The Sorent. It’s located just outside of the Diamond Beach area (100 meters or so) and offers some pretty decent Italian dishes as well as Balinese favorites. 

View Map

AB Bar Resto

This local warung is positioned more on the Atuh beachside but isn’t far from Diamond Beach. Their prices are reasonable and they offer Mexican cuisine. They specialize in breakfast burritos and smoothie bowls. 

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The Sorent Nusa Penida
AB Bar Nusa Penida

Tropical Cliff Atuh Beach

This local restaurant is positioned right on Atuh Beach. Don’t let its appearance put you off. The underwhelming beach shack serves incredible Bali grilled fish. 

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For more information on Nusa Penida (Balis’ best adventure island), check out our other articles: 

Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

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