Broken Beach & Angels Billabong – Two Great Attractions On Nusa Penida, Bali

Shaughan Schultz

December 20, 2019

Angels Billabong is a naturally formed infinity pool with unique and unusual rock formations. At low tide, the pool is left standing with crystal clear water, and with the sea behind it, makes for incredible photos. Broken Beach, lying beside Angels Billabong, is equally as popular with an arched tunnel separating a small bay from the rest of the ocean.

Where Is Broken Beach & Angels Billabong

Broken Beach is on the popular west coast of Nusa Penida island.

If you’re staying on mainland Bali, you might opt for a day tour to Penida, but we recommend staying on Nusa Penida island for a minimum of 3 days to experience all that the island has to offer. Travelling by fast boat from mainland Bali to Penids is the most reliable and quickest method, taking around 30-40 minutes, and at the cost of 150,000 IDR, one way or 300,000 IDR return (per person).

How To Get There

You can rent a scooter on arrival to Nusa Penida Island at the Toya Pakeh harbor or arrange with your accommodation beforehand. Almost every local in Bali offers scooter rental or can arrange with someone that does. The current price of a scooter rental price is 70,000 IDR per day. From Kelingking Beach, Angels Billabong, and Broken Beach are 45 minutes away. For the most part, the road was reasonably decent leading up to the area with only the last 400m full of potholes and loose gravel. 


The entrance fee of 10.000IDR/person is payable before entering the parking lots. There are many basic restaurant or warungs in this area offering cheap eats.

Broken Beach
Angels Billabong

What To Expect

Broken Beach and Angels Billabong are a five-minute walk apart. If you go at midday, expect to see crowds and take brief turns swimming in the infinity pool area. Once you have been to the pool and witnessed the arch of Broken Beach, head a bit further up the hill to a manta ray viewing point and try your luck at spotting manta rays through the crystal clear waters. 

Best Time To Go

Both locations in this area are tourist hot spots and visited by busloads of people coming from mainland Bali on single-day tours. Be sure to get there before noon to miss the crowds.

If you visit Angels Billabong during high-tide, you risk not seeing the infinity pool in all its glory. Check the tides and plan your itinerary around low-tide. When we were there, low tide was at midday, so we had no choice but to join the crowds and take turns in the pool during the busiest time. 

Things To Note

This area is full of tourists. Swimming in the infinity pool is more a quick dip in and photo opportunity and then it’s the next person in the queues turn.  

Broken Beach
Angels Billabong

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