Atuh Beach What Makes It Special? Useful 2020 Tips

Bridget Beguin

March 8, 2020

Atuh Beach on Nusa Penida island is spectacular! We definitely rate it as one of the best beaches in Bali.

High cliffs drape around the beach, blocking it off from the surrounding areas. It’s for this reason that it’s commonly referred to as “Hidden Beach”.

1. Where Is Atuh Beach?

The Beach is in the Klungkung Regency Bali, on the less frequented east side of Nusa Penida island.

Other highly visited iconic spots near Atuh Beach are:

  • Diamond Beach,
  • Rumah Pohon Tree House
  • Thousand island viewpoint.

If you look at this Nusa Penida- Atuh Beach Map below, you’ll see how close all three spots are to one another.

You’ll be able to visit all of them on the same day if you’re not spending too much time down on the beaches and if you’re not too tired from all the cliffside trekking on Nusa Penida.

2. How Do I Get To Atuh Beach?

You can rent a scooter on arrival to Nusa Penida Island at the Toya Pakeh harbor or arrange with your accommodation beforehand.

Almost every local offers scooter rental or can arrange with someone that does. The current price of a scooter rental price is 70,000 IDR per day.

It’s a one-hour journey from Toya Pakeh harbor, Nusa Penida, to Atuh Beach. It’s a long journey to the east side of the island, even with a scooter (which is the faster mode of transport on the island).

We recommend you follow the link attached to the above map. It’ll take you to the Diamond, and Atuh Beaches SHARED parking lot.

Only experienced scooter drivers should consider riding on this road to the south (Diamond beachside). The last mile of the roadway has potholes, loose gravel, and sharp rocks. Make sure your scooter has decent back breaks!

If you type in ‘Atuh Beach’ on google maps, it’ll take you to the other side of the beach, which is a further 30-minute drive from Diamond Beach and Thousand Island Viewpoint. This road is well paved all the way, and there is no entrance fee to the beach, but it offers less.

Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach Sign

3. How Do I Get From Atuh Beach To Diamond Beach?

These two gorgeous beaches lie side by side- separated by a cliff sporting stone steps going down either side.

If you type in ‘Atuh Beach’ on google maps, you’ll land up being 30-minutes away from Diamond Beach and Thousand Island Viewpoint.

Some tourist riding scooters prefer this side because the road is in better condition, but to be honest, the road conditions change all the time on Nusa Penida island, so it’s best to ask before you go.

Our Opinion: Search for the Diamond, and Atuh Beaches SHARED parking lot on google maps (or click on our map above).

This way you can explore both beaches on the same day. Or choose which beach takes your fancy before braving yet another grueling hike down the side of a cliff on Nusa Penida island.

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida

4. Atuh Beach Stairs

Once you’ve parked at the top of the cliff, you’ll start your hike down steep concrete stairs.

It’ll take 15-20 minutes to walk down, keeping in mind the lack of shade for the entire journey.

The trek down to the beach is steep, with areas missing safety rails. It’s a journey for the fit and not for the faint of heart!

It’s not the hardest climb down to the beach (unlike Kelingking Beach), but it’s no stroll in the park either.

We’ve even dedicated an article to Bali’s hard to reach beaches, reserved for the fit explorers. Many of Nusa Penida’s’ beaches made that list.

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida stairs

5. Why It’s Known As The ‘Hole In Rock’ Beach

It’s obvious why this name is fitting.

Powerful waves have eroded the rock formation and created an impressive hole.

It’s not the only beach on Nusa Penida offering this anomaly. Make sure you also check out Broken Beach, link below.

Atuh Beach Hole in Rock, Nusa Penida, Bali

6. Atuh Beach vs. Diamond Beach

Getting to the beach:

Both Diamond and Atuh beach have steep stairs leading down to the beachfront. At Atuh beach, the stairs are narrow and missing areas supported by a railing. At Diamond beach, you need to do a rope-assisted climb down a big rock before landing on the beach sand. For this reason, Atuh beach is more manageable to reach.

Swimming in the sea:

Both bays have strong currents. Only confident swimmers should attempt swimming in the sea. Diamond Beach has hardly any rock-free areas leading into the sea but offers a small rock pool. The locals at Atuh beach will guide you to the perfect spot for swimming – free from rocks, and with minimal current.

Availability of shade:

Diamond Beach has a few low hanging caves offering seating in shady spots. There aren’t a lot of them, so you’ll need to arrive early to claim one. Atuh beach has very few trees, but a few warungs have put up beach umbrellas offering shade.


Diamond Beach has one very basic warung and a Bali swing. There aren’t sunbeds, umbrellas, or bean bags on the beachfront, unlike at Atuh beach.

Many warungs line the beach at Atuh and offer seafood meals.

The overall Experience:

The scenery at Diamond beach is more impressive, as is the staircase. But Atuh beach has more to offer if you’re looking to relax and enjoy a day at the beach.

View Map

7. How Much Does Atuh Beach Cost?

  • A fast boat ride from Sanur port, Bali to Nusa Penida island- with a driver to Atuh Beach will cost around 850.000 IDR (65 USD).
  • Parking at the shared parking lot costs 5,000 IDR.
  • To go down to the beach, you’ll pay around 10,000 IDR/ person as a ‘donation,’ taken by the man in the booth.
  • If you park on the other side (Atuh beachside), you won’t need to pay any donation. But the shop owners expect a ‘little something’ for letting you park your bike on their grounds.
  • Beach chairs cost around 5,000-7,000 IDR each.

8. Can I Swim At Atuh Beach?

It’s a quiet bay offering a magnificent view of the iconic arched rock resting in the turquoise blue waters.

Swimming at this beach is a little tricky. Parts of the sea have heavy currents, so it’s best to ask the locals for recommendations first.

Consider wearing water shoes when entering the sea, to protect your feet from sharp stones and coral pieces.

Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali
Atuh Beach hole in rock, Nusa Penida, Bali

9. What’s The Best Time To Go To Atuh Beach?

High Tide:

Unlike on Diamond beach, the tide plays a significant role when visiting Atuh beach. At low tide, exposed rocks cover the beach entirely.

A site far less picturesque when compared to the shimmering blue waters at high tide.

We visited the beach at high tide, around 02:00 pm, but this might change slightly for when you go. Check the tidal timetable beforehand to make sure. 

To Miss The Crowds- Anytime:

The east side of the island is far quieter than the west, with a lot fewer day visitors coming around. You won’t need to visit this beach at the crack of dawn to claim the right resting spot.


The east side of Nusa Penida island is not the ideal place for sunset, so the best time to visit Atuh Beach would be the first thing in the morning for sunrise or during the day at high tide.

Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali

10. Atuh Beach Sunrise And Sunset

Areas on the east side of Nusa Penida island are ideal for sunrise and breathtaking morning views.

Atuh Beach, Rumah Pohon Treehouse, and Thousand Island Viewpoint are the best spots for sunrise on the island.

The east side of the island is not the ideal place for sunset, so the best time to visit the beach would be the first thing in the morning for sunrise or during the day at high tide.

To find out where the best spots for sunset are, check out our other guides on Nusa Penida.


11. Thousand Island Viewpoint

Thousand Islands is also known as the Atuh cliff on Nusa Penida. It’s a spectacular spot overlooking the ocean.

To get there, follow the link below for its location on google maps.

It’s only a 7-minute walk (600 meters) from the Atuh/ Diamond parking lot.

The entrance is 5,000 IDR per person and parking is free


12. Rumah Pohon Tree House

If you’re want to stay near Atuh beach, consider the Thousand Islands Viewpoint Treehouse.

Or 15-minutes further away are the Eco Treehouses, arranged through Airbnb.

Rumah Pohon Treehouse Atuh Beach Nusa Penida

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