Phu Quoc Beaches. 10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall In Love With Them.

Bridget Beguin

August 3, 2021

Phu Quoc is a relatively small island nestled in the southern region of Vietnam. Its untouched beaches hideaway, waiting for you to explore them. Other beaches are packed with water sport, bars, sunbathing spots, and even Instagram props. 

Below are 10 great reasons why you’ll want to get on the first plane out to Phu Quoc island. There’s plenty more than ten reasons but we’ll get there in time.

1. Enjoy Sunset Views On Phu Quoc Beaches

Long Beach is in the middle of the island on the west side. It’s also the closest beach if you’re staying in or near Duong Duong town. Without a doubt, it’s one of (if not the most) famous beaches in Phu Quoc. It’s made its mark as the best sunset shore on the island. The Beach fronts in Phu Quoc are either baron or exclusive to the resorts behind them.

Long beach is different. Plenty of bars and restaurants plot along its shoreline. All are welcome to enjoy beach lounges, umbrellas, live music, and massages. The best time of day to visit Long Beah is at sunset. 

Great Spots On Long Beach

On Long Beach, a few great spots are worth visiting. Mandala Beach Bar is a great spot on Long Beach for sunset seating and cocktail-sipping vibe. Jerry’s is also a great venue for live music and fresh coconuts. 

Read More: Mandala Beach Bar for the best sunset seating and cocktail-sipping vibe.

Read More: Jerry’s for the live music and fresh coconuts.

2. Take Photos With Awesome Instagram Props

Sunset Senato Beach Club for the Instagram props and party scene.

phu quoc beaches

3. Enjoy The Vibe At Sao Beach

Sao Beach is at the Southeastern tip of the island. It’s not the place to go for sunsets or seclusion, but other than that, there’s no reason why you’d choose to stay away! It’s a gorgeous palm-tree-lined coastline. Offering long stretches of white sand and clear waters to swim in. Sao beach is bustling with parasailing and jet skiing. As well as loads of loungers and umbrellas for sunbathers. To find seclusion, walk up the coastline towards the rocks, away from the food stalls, bars, and crowds.

Sao beach is not the spot to pick if you’re looking for a postcard paradise. Many of the images you see online are misleading, but the beach definitely offers an awesome atmosphere and action.

4. Feast Your Eyes On Thousands Of Starfish

Phu Quoc beaches have so much to offer. Starfish Beach attracts thousands of tourists to see its amazing collection of sea stars. Seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is something you shouldn’t miss. Unfortunately, with the way people are mishandling them, we’re unsure how long they’ll survive the intrusion. If you do visit these sea stars, make sure you admire them without touching them.

5. Eat At A Restaurant On Stilts In The Sea

Besides the starfish attraction, Starfish Beach is in our top 3 for The best Phu Quoc Beaches. The powdery white sand and clear water are some of the best we’ve seen in Vietnam. The low-hanging palm trees yearning towards the water makes for excellent photo opportunities. The beach also has houses a few seafood restaurants perched on stilts out at sea. Take caution when driving a scooter to starfish beach. The final stretch becomes a dirt road with loose gravel and rocks.

star fish beach phu quoc
star fish beach phu quoc

6. Phu Quoc Beaches Aren’t Overcrowded

Bai Dai Beach lies up North in the Ganh Dau area, one of the most underdeveloped parts of the island.

Bai Dai beach is one of the quietest of Phu Quoc beaches, making it an exciting place to visit. One or two local stands have set up shop on the beachfront. They offer drinks from cooler boxes and essential snacks.

star fish beach phu quoc
phu quoc beaches sao beach

7. Snorkel In Crystal Clear, Calm Water

Vung Bau And Cua Can Beaches are situated on the island’s Northwest in the Cua Can district. Cua Can beach is a local fishing village area and a great place to immerse yourself in Vietnam’s culture.

Vung Bau beach lies above it and stretches on for over 4.5 km. This beach offers seclusion at the very best, with hardly any restaurants and bars on site. The calm shallow bay is ideal for small kids or snorkelling in the rock pools.

If you’re a confident swimmer, you might even swim out to Fingernail island, located in front of it. This spot is where you’ll experience the best snorkelling Phu Quoc has to offer.

The road leading up to Vung Bau is a bit rough. There’s lots of gravel and loose dirt. Maybe that’s why so few people come to see this beautiful location.

fingernail island on phu quoc beaches

8. Enjoy Luxurious Beachfront Hotels That Are Affordable 

Ong Lang beach sits slightly above the Long Beach area, on the island’s west side. In Ong Lang, there are fewer accommodation options, making the beachfront exceptionally quiet. It’s the beach of choice if you’re looking to escape the crowds. It’s also missing bars, restaurants, massage spots, and water sport activities.

A few resorts worth visiting in this area are Mango Bay Resort and Phu Quoc Echo Resort. Both places welcome day visitors and have perched restaurants right on the beachfront.

phu quoc beaches

9. Take A Trip On The Worlds Longest Cable Car To A Beautiful Beach

Hon Thom island, AKA Pineapple island, is in the An Thoi reef area, off the southern shore of Phu Quoc. It’s the second-largest island in the district and has some incredible beaches of its own. You can reach the island from Phu Quoc in three ways: local ferries, speedboat tours, and cable cars. Let’s be honest; the best route to get there would be gliding through the sky in the world’s longest cable car ride.

The Guinness Book Of Records recognizes Phu Quoc’s cable car as the world’s longest cable car ride. It’s more than 7,899m in length but will only take you 15 minutes to travel to the gorgeous Hon Thom Island. The view of the many Phu Quoc beaches is reason enough to take the ride.

cable car ride on phu quoc
cable car on phu quoc island
cable car on phu quoc island

10 Visit An Epic Water Park On The BeachFront

Once you get to Thom Island, you can choose to spend your day at the massive water park or head down to the beach area. The beach does not disappoint. Hammocks are strung from coconut palms which spread out over rolling grassy hills. One or two bars sit near the shoreline, and a large cafeteria restaurant rests in the background. Lockers and towels are available for rent.

water park on thom island phu quoc

One of the best things about Vietnam is experiencing a culture so different and unique. No other place is quite like it, from the food to the people and the landscapes, it’s one of a kind.

Traveling in Vietnam can also be overwhelming. Make sure you read our full guide before traveling to Phu Quoc or any other part of Vietnam. We’ve outlined the places worth seeing, the costs, and everything else you’ll need to know along the way.

Phu Quoc Beaches. 10 Reasons Why You'll Fall In Love With Them. 1

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