Visiting Bali’s Delightful Marigold Fields

Shaughan Schultz

December 20, 2019

If you’ve saturated your Instagrams feed with pictures of lush green jungles and sparkling blue seas, you may want to mix things up and add in some colourful hues taken from Bali’s radiant marigold fields.

With the location we provided, you can surround yourself with bright orange marigold flowers in abundance. Amongst the marigolds are flowering fields of white Kasnas, spread out as far as the eyes can see, creating a snow-like visual wonderland.

Most of the posts written on Bali’s marigold fields mention Temukus Village, situated at the northernmost point of Bali. Let’s be realistic, this spot is a lengthy 2.5-hour drive from Ubud (about 80km’s away), and there’s not all that much going on there.

We discovered not only a more convenient location but with a more magnificent array of sights to see.

Where Are The Marigold Fields

If you head east to the foot of Mount Agung, you will gawk at the volcano seen so close up and in doing so surround yourself with multiple flowering fields of both kasnas and marigolds. The area is known as Padang Bunga Kasna.

Shown on the map, is also home to the Besakih Temple.

Marigold flowers, locally known as Gemitir, are used throughout Bali in religious rituals and decorate the streets, tables, stairs, and much more. It seems like there’s a never-ending supply of them as they’re spread from pillar to post daily. Once you’ve visited the marigold fields, you genuinely appreciate how magnificent these joyous flowers are.  

How To Get There

The trip east to this spot is half the fun and such an experience seeing a more rural side to Bali. The fields are on the lower levels of Mount Agung, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see the summit.

Marigold Fields, Bali
Marigold Fields, Bali

What To Expect

Besides the fields of flowers, there’s natural beauty throughout this area, with valley views and fresh, crisp air. The terrain is so different from the usual tropics seen throughout Bali. With blankets of white Kasna flowers covering the ground and pine trees hiding behind big clouds swirling up mount Agung, you’d swear you were nowhere near a tropical island.


There is no entrance fee for strolling through locals’ fields, but it is common courtesy before entering to request permission and make a small donation, to help maintain their flowers.

At other marigold fields, it’s a different story. Don’t let the ticket guys take you for a ride. The current entrance fee is 20.000 IDR per person, but the price could go up to as much as 150,000 IDR, depending on who you are.


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